Enrolling in an eLearn course

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Enrolling in an eLearn course
by Stephen McConnachie - Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 2:06 PM

Welcome back pupils! 

To enrol in your class's eLearn course, use the "Search for a course" function (in the Courses menu) to search for your course code (eg 9MAT or 12MUS). Select your course and click the blue "Enrol me" button. 

For a course with more than one teacher, eg 9MAT, enter your teacher's code as the Enrolment Key. The teacher codes will be listed in the course description.

You must be logged in for this to work - remember to log in with your Office account

You'll only need to enrol once per course. You can find all your enrolled courses in the My Courses menu when you're logged in.